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Global Projectmanagement
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Global Projectmanagement

Global Projectmanagement

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Global Projectmanagement - Chapter 19
Die Project Portfolio Scorecard

Ernst Jankulik, Roland Piff

The Chapter 19 chapter describes a further development of the project portfolio score card (PPSC) as a control instrument for project-oriented organizations.

The goal of this development was to take into consideration the structures of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) model, as well as to incorporate into the project portfolio score card the evaluation of quality in the fulfilment of the business processes within a project-oriented organization.

In this manner, the PPSC becomes a strategic control instrument.

The newly developed model of the PPSC will be explained, its criteria and units of measure described, and the results of use of the PPSC will be shown through a concrete example. In closing, the results of a case study in two organizations will be compared in a quality Shewhart control chart.

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